They Ran It!

Posted 17th July 2018
Our Dyscover staff team all ran magnificently round the iconic Westminster route on Sunday – running the British 10k run, on a scorcher of a day!
Suzanne, Caroline and Nancy have raised well over £1100 and did Dyscover very proud – Thank you for all your efforts and commitment to training in the blistering heat!

Summer Smoothies

Posted 17th July 2018
During the summer, we all enjoy some fresh fruit, so our Kingston morning group challenged themselves to make smoothies. The members worked in small teams to decide what ingredients to use. There was a range from bananas and strawberries to coconut water and the more unusual fresh ginger. Tony used the review sheet to comment on taste, colour and what ingredients he thought went into each one. He rated Graham and Jeremy’s smoothie a whopping 9/10! Everyone had a great time experimenting with new flavours and communicated well with their teammates.

Strategic Consultations

Posted 11th July 2018

Staff have been hearing some of the information gathered from our recent beneficiary consultations ahead of our strategic review day (which is in a few weeks time). Working out the common themes and how best to address some of the responses are among the preparations staff are making.

Kingston Tues PM1 Group’s team challenge

Posted 11th July 2018
The Tues PM1 group in Kingston had a team challenge on Tuesday to build a car that would move unaided. They were given a set of materials including straws, balloons, tape, skewers, cardboard, lolly-pop sticks and clipboards. Both teams had a fun time designing and building their cars, drawing on their technical skills (and in some cases engineering knowledge) and demonstrating great communication skills.
John and Carol’s car proved to be the winner – it was a stylish design complete with headlight, number plate and steering wheel and moved independently with the aid of a straw.


Posted 28th June 2018
A group of Members and volunteers have been renovating the courtyard garden at Leatherhead Court over the last 2 months and today Gary, Nick and Colin made an accessible raised bed out of the reclaimed decking wood. They are incredibly dedicated and hardworking and are finding the gardening project a rewarding and motivating challenge.

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