Back to Driving

Posted 30th August 2019

So wonderful when a Member shares a special moment with us – 10years post Aphasia and Stroke, Kevin has returned to driving and came by to show us his new specially adapted wheels. We are very happy for Kevin and his new found independence, and whilst a reminder that recovery can be long, there are milestone goals that can be achieved along the way.

Air travel with hidden disabilities – forum

Posted 30th August 2019
Great support on Wednesday from Dyscover Members who attended a forum discussing the barriers faced when travelling by air. They said they want:
1. Help desks with real people
2. Assisted check in & Security
3. Quiet space in airports to ‘re group’
4. Hidden disability ID that is internationally recognised
5. Conversation Partner trained air & ground crew

High Ashurst

Posted 22nd August 2019
A group of 8 Members and their relatives from age 15-74 enjoyed an energetic day at our favourite outdoor activity centre High Ashurst. These days offer unrivalled opportunities to try something totally new and push through physical and mental barriers in terms of ability and strength. It is also a great chance for family members to get involved and meet others.
Debbie had never tried abseiling before and was very proud to say “Well…I tried” after her successful decent.


Posted 22nd August 2019
Leatherhead Court was turned into a pop-up florist last week as Members learnt the art of floristry from group volunteers Edda & Anne.
Edda demonstrated various types of arrangements, using different containers & materials. Her expertise was really inspiring. Members went on to create their own arrangements to take home.

Summer Companion Cycling

Posted 22nd August 2019
Dyscover Members were back in the saddle at Companion Cycling today, enjoying Bushy Park on a sunny day. John had tyre trouble at one point but help was soon at hand!

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