Money Session

Posted 12th November 2021
This week we were talking about ‘Money’. Conversations from Kingston ranged from high-brow discussions on artists and art collections to buy one get one free offers on spectacles!
Members reminisced about first jobs, pocket money, saving up tokens and how much they bought their houses for back in the day.
Conversation is always sparked when members bring something along to the session, this week we looked at money members brought from India, Malaysia, Slovakia and Czech Republic, all of which had interesting stories behind them.

Swimming is Back!

Posted 12th November 2021
So pleased to have 4 enthusiastic Members taking the plunge after many months away due to the Pandemic.

Oldest Thing in Your House

Posted 12th November 2021
We asked Members to share The Oldest Thing in Your House. So many fantastic items and memories including Paul and his hand-knitted Humpty Dumpty, Heather with a picture of Peter Pan given to her when she was 7 years old and a treasured book that Mike’s dad read to him when he was growing up in Nigeria. We frequently find that choosing subjects close to the hearts leads to some of the best conversations.

Dinner Guest

Posted 27 October 2021

Which celebrity would you invite to a dinner party? Carol had a particular person in mind when we discussed the topic in last week’s group, and when she was stuck for his name, persevered with writing and drawing to describe her dream dinner guest – Billy Connolly!

Accessible Travel

Posted 27 October 2021

‘My scooter is freedom!’ says John , who is one of the members joining our ‘Dyscover out and about’ sessions at Waterstones café. John has not been able to return to driving after his stroke, but his scooter provides the mobility he needs to travel to his weekly group, and to the café sessions. On arrival, the scooter folds flat for easy storage – John enjoyed demonstrating its functions to other members.

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