Elaine gardening

Posted 26th October 2020
Regular gardener Elaine has been renovating the benches from the Leatherhead courtyard garden. Elaine described it as a ‘labour of love’ especially as she had to keep a constant eye on the rain in between the sanding and multiple coats of paint.

AGM -5th November 2020

Posted 20th October 2020

Invites for our Annual General Meeting have been sent, along with our Annual Report. Please let us know if you are attending as we need to give you the on-line Zoom joining instructions.

New Friday Group

Posted 20th October 2020
SLT, Gayle is running a new Friday group she says “Everyone has now settled in. We have agreed collectively that the ‘awkwardness’ of those initial weeks, where no one knew each other, and we have never met face to face, has now reduced somewhat.

One member in particular – Brian – is now driving having completed his assessment to be on the road formally. This has released a huge amount of independence for him, and the supported golf also run by Dyscover has played a really significant part in this.

Our initial relatives meeting was a great chance to learn more about recovery from stroke, talk about rehab, different types of difficulties and importantly the word ‘hope’.

We are carrying on with topic based sessions, members are choosing each week what they would like to talk about and share stories on the following week.”


Posted 20th October 2020
Kim Wilson from Surrey Hills Rehab is running a 6 week AphasiaFit course for 8 Members, all via Zoom. Kim is an experienced Neuro-physiotherapist and has been working with groups online throughout lockdown. Each Member had an individual assessment with Kim prior to the first session. The Group exercises are adapted for sitting and standing and last an hour. Mick felt it was challenging, in a good way and his wife said “ Mick had to concentrate hard, again very good for him, but it kept him engaged the whole way through, he was really pleased when you encouraged him by name”.

‘Blow your own trumpet’ session in the Social Comms Group

Posted 20th October 2020
This week the Social Communications Group members had great fun sharing and hearing each other’s stories about achievements and events they were proud of. From catching big fish and filming the Sydney Olympics to abseiling and flying in helicopters the tales were astonishing and entertaining. Gary shared with the group a dare-devil experience he’d had – doing a loop-the-loop in a bi-plane which he flew himself (accompanied by an instructor who was lying down in the photo!).
Several members were able to successfully ‘screenshare’ photographs, following some training they’d had in the group a couple of weeks ago.

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