Information for people with Aphasia


What is Dyscover?

Dyscover is a charity. We help and support people who have aphasia. We work in groups, led by Speech and Language Therapists.


What is Aphasia?

Aphasia is a communication disability that is caused by stroke, head injury or other illness. It affects the ability to speak, read, write and understand what’s being said and is a very frustrating and isolating condition.


Where is Dyscover?

Our main centre is at 
Walton on the Hill, Surrey, KT20 7ST
T 01737 819419

and a satellite centre at
Kingston upon Thames

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Who goes to Dyscover?

90 people come to our centres each week. Most live in Surrey. We cater for adults of all ages. Most have become aphasic after a stroke.


Can I join Dyscover?

Anyone can phone or email us for more information. Our staff are used to helping people with aphasia. If we think we can help you, we will arrange an appointment for you to visit us. One of our Speech and Language Therapists will assess you. You can also find out more about Dyscover here. The next step is a trial visit to the group we think is most suitable for you.


Term dates

2017 Term Dates
Spring Term 9th January to 31th March 2017
Summer Term 24th April to 27th31st July 2017
Autumn Term 11th September to 18th December 2017



Please see the home page for more information about changes to the programme or activities, for details of closures and cancellations.