Dyscover receives no NHS or other government funding. Less than half of our income comes from a variety of (mostly) one off grants from Charitable Trusts.   We rely on donations from individuals and local organisations for another third of our funds.   The remainder comes from running events and our members contributing slightly under £200 per term towards their sessions.




Dyscover Top Draw Club

Buy shares at £10 each per year. Each share is given a number which is entered into each quarterly draw. There will also be a super bonus draw in December.

50% of all contributions is retained by Dyscover with the other 50% being returned to members as prizes.

Top Draw Winners

Date of DrawName of winnerTotal won £
July 2021C Harris£100
S A French£75
R Boychuk£75
B Warwick£50
P Wyeth£50
March 2021Ms J Freeman£125
Ms J Foster£100
Ms M Richardson£75
T Jackson£50
M Roberts£50
February 2021Mr & Mrs Tory£125
J Knee£100
A Hammond£75
R Townsend£50
G George£50
Christmas Draw 2020Mr B Grace£200
Ms M Binns£150
P & S Tory£110
J & L Bradbrook£80
Ms S McDonough£60

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Top Draw Club

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