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James Cho

My stroke happened in the evening of 12th October 2010, & I was admitted to Hospital. The right side of my body was affected. I was in hospital for five weeks.

I live alone, and at first I got tired very quickly. I had difficulty in handling money, not only the amount but also with change. Mental arithmetic was beyond me. Short term memory was also giving me problems. If I’m stuck on a particular word, I use ‘Circumlocution’ (talking around it) to unlock my memory. What is it? What purpose does it serve? What shape is it in…and so on. I feel that it is important that I focus on my abilities, and not my disabilities!

I joined ‘Dyscover’.  There, staff, volunteers and existing members extend a warm hand of friendship to help new members settle in. Since I joined, my speech and confidence had improved tremendously. I also joined the Dyscover Choir which I find help my rehabilitation greatly.

I was fortunate not to have completely lost my speech. I can now read, write, and operate the computer. I also go on the telephone to speak to strangers (eg utility companies, etc.), and answer incoming calls quite confidently. I always write down the things I want to inquire or discuss before starting the conversation. Letting people know that I have Aphasia due to a stroke and have difficulty expressing myself over the phone initially will set the scene for an informed conversation. I go to the gym, working out on weights and cardio exercises. All these activities have given me a great deal more energy. I have now been able to ride my motorcycle again!



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