Dyscover is mainly funded by a variety of (mostly) one-off grants from charitable trusts (66%). Around 10% of our income is received from individual donations and 8% from fundraising events. Our members pay fees that equate to around 13% of income. Each member pays a contribution per session, which normally equates to around £150 per term. We operate our sessions on a three-terms-per-year basis. We also offer activities during holiday periods.

We received a lottery grant in 2009 of £141,000 which is being paid over a three year period. This money is held in a restricted fund account and used for the recruitment and salary of a volunteer co-ordinator, the recruitment of additional volunteers, training for all volunteers, volunteer support and expenses, promotion of volunteering opportunities and a small allocation for overhead costs.

We receive no statutory or local authority funding.

Dyscover Top Draw Club

Buy shares at £10 each per year. Each share is given a number which is entered into each quarterly draw. There will also be a super bonus draw in December.

50% of all contributions is retained by Dyscover with the other 50% being returned to members as prizes.

Top Draw Winners

Date of DrawName of winnerTotal won £
16th January 2014Miss E R Jackson£160
Mr R George£130
Mr Z Roberts£100
Mr D Snelling£70
Mrs S Oatway£40
10th December 2013Ms D Teilelbouim220
Ms D M Smith170
Ms K A Kirkland130
Ms K A Kirkland100
Ms S Atterton80
5th November 2013Miss K Roberts160
Ms A Abrahams130
Mrs C Wolsey100
Mrs C Dearsley70
Mrs J Earle40
23 July 2013Mrs S Clinch160
Mrs R Caldwell130
Mr David J Smith100
Mr Doug Platts70
Mrs K A Kirkland40
20 June 2013
M Roberts160
M Cornwell130
K Newnham100
M Velli70
K Kirkland40

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Top Draw Club

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