Thursday Group Music Therapy

Posted 12th March 2020
Ten members from the Thursday group are currently halfway through a stimulating 4-session music therapy course with visiting music therapist Elizabeth. They have been practising beating time to music with a range of instruments, working on sounds such as ‘me’, ‘my’ and ‘sh’ in vocal exercises and using the lyrics to ‘Let it shine’. In each session the group have been practising playing and singing along to the John Lennon song ‘Imagine’ in preparation for a performance to the rest of their group at the end of the course. Member Claire said it’s tiring work as it really challenges the brain but great fun and she’s really enjoying the sessions. To end the session this week, members ‘jammed’ to the Elvis Presley songs ‘Jailhouse Rock’ and ‘Hound Dog’, favourites of Alan’s, a big Elvis enthusiast!

PPA Funds

Posted 6th March 2020

We enjoyed a visit from Mr and Mrs Robinson on Friday who presented us with an extremely generous cheque towards our Primary Progressive Aphasia Services – Thank you.
These new funds added to funds we have from the HSF will enable us to run another 6 week course for couples and an early stage workshop with some support sessions in between – Fabulous!

Tower Building – Team Challenge

Posted 28th February 2020
The Tuesday afternoon group had a hilarious session yesterday working on a team challenge to build the tallest structure which could support the weight of an orange for 5 seconds. The members split into four small groups and were given 10 minutes to plan their structure and then 10 minutes to build it, using only lollipop sticks and masking tape! All groups worked hard in their teams, sharing ideas, drawing plans, divvying up tasks and collaborating with each other to build some really innovative structures.

A triumphant Nial shows off the winning structure, perfectly planned and executed!

The team challenge required lots of teamwork. Despite some innovative designs (including spiking the orange on a stick!) not every structure passed the test but lots of fun was had by all! Sarah, Simon and Russell’s structure was a perfectly balanced work of art.


Posted 21st February 2020

Great feedback from some of our Members on the first draft of our ‘new look’ Newsletter. Elaine demonstrated use her e-reader app on the Newsletter and others gave some brilliant suggestions as to how we ensure it is more ‘aphasia friendly’. We hope to produce a fresh look to our Newsletter this Easter!

Kingston News

Posted 21st February 2020

Members listened carefully to 3 facts about their group volunteers. Were they truths or lies? Members asked searching questions and discussed their opinions before deciding.
Volunteer Dzen HAD parachuted from a plane, but HADN’T breathed fire!

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