Group discussions on Gadgets & Technology

Posted 18th May 2021
The groups had some lively discussions last week on the topic of Gadgets and Technology. Members shared their favourite gadgets, which ranged from mobile phones and TV to cake mixers and even rubber bands! Nial showed his groups a neat device he uses to clamp a beer bottle, enabling him to open it with just one hand. Sarah shared a Bra Angel gadget for helping a lady put on her bra one-handed. Members agreed that technology had been hugely beneficial for them since their stroke and also during the COVID pandemic, helping them to stay in touch with family and friends – including those at Dyscover!

Mental Health Awareness Week – INS Group Friday 14th May

Posted 18th May 2021
In conversations this week in our new INS group we discussed the use of drawing as a strategy to aid communication but also how producing art can have therapeutic benefits. Josephine shared with the group a picture she had drawn (with her left hand) after a mindfulness session she’d had this week. She described how the mindfulness session had made her feel ‘joy’ and ‘hope’ which she has captured so beautifully in her drawing. Producing this drawing made her feel happy and relaxed she said.


Posted 28th April 2021

Art is back on Zoom with Professional Artist, Alison. This time we practiced our ellipses to begin with and then moved on to create many individual and impressive bowls of fruit.
Alison said what a lovely session is was and how glad she was to see everyone again. Renee hadn’t picked up her drawing pencils for over 4 years but thoroughly enjoyed getting back into one of her favourite past times.

Companion Cycling in Bushy Park

Posted 28th April 2021

At last Dyscover Members had the chance to meet up in person as we returned to one of our favourite holiday activities, Companion Cycling, in a very chilly Bushy Park.
Sarah said “It was lovely to see the deer in Bushy Park this morning and so wonderful to see Suzanne and to finally meet Bruce and Maggie”.
Bruce our volunteer said “A very enjoyable day – I’ve already forgotten all about the temperature!”

Vicky Carter

Posted 27th April 2021

Vicky Carter is a talented young journalist and broadcaster who works for BBC radio, and in her spare time produces a podcast and makes documentaries. Her mum is our very own Chris Carter, who had her stroke when Vicky was just 4, and who has been part of Dyscover for many years.
Last year Vicky and Rosemary agreed to work together to make a documentary about aphasia. Vicky recorded 5 hours of zoom conversations with members Paul, Bryan and Nicky, as well as with her mum Chris. She also interviewed Rosemary.
Many hours of editing later, Vicky had a polished and professional 30 minute documentary, which was broadcast on BBC Radio Surrey.
To our great delight, Vicky also secured a spot on Radio 4’s World at One programme, and then an interview on Radio 5 Live! On this programme, Vicky spoke movingly about her experience of growing up with a mum who had aphasia and later in the programme, Rosemary and member Nicky were questioned about the impact of the pandemic, and how Dyscover at Home has worked to keep people with aphasia connected and supported during this time.
Rosemary said ‘aphasia rarely gets airtime on radio or TV, and remains poorly understood by the general public.. we are so grateful to have had this opportunity, and it was a great to see members stepping up to the challenge too”

Please click here to listen to the 5 Live part 1 interview.

Please click here to listen to the 5 Live part 2 interview.


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