Volunteer Awards

Posted 18th December 2020

Every year we celebrate our volunteers at our Christmas Lunch by acknowledging long service milestones – done in a multiple of ways this year, Pat our volunteer Newsletter editor received her 10 year certificate in the car park, whilst collecting her Hamper win! Thank you Pat, we always receive positive comments about the Newsletters and we know just how much hard work goes into them.

Elaine’s Reading Group Presentation

Posted 14th December 2020

Elaine delivered a fantastic presentation to other Social Comms members about the Dyscover Reading Group. Since September Elaine has been running this small group of three other members who meet weekly over Zoom. In her presentation she shared her own struggles with reading since her stroke four years ago and explained how this new trial reading group has been a great success, allowing the members to explore their different challenges, share strengths and learn strategies. The Social Comms members were inspired by Elaine’s presentation which led to some interesting discussions about their own challenges with reading.

Group News

Posted 3rd December 2020

In one of Rhona’s groups this week members discussed ‘Who would you propose a statue for to commemorate their life?’
Top choice was David Attenborough for his remarkable work and energy, raising awareness on environmental issues and engaging well with people of all ages. There were others in the running…..its sounds like a interesting and successful conversation was had……

3rd December International day of People with Disabilities

Posted 3rd December 2020

#Internationaldayofpeoplewithdisabilities Today on this international awareness day, WelcoMe app launches its Aphasia awareness information to improve people with aphasia’s customer experience when visiting retail and hospitality outlets that use this app to support their customers. Thanks to Rosemary’s initiative, the CEO of Neatebox, the creator of WelcoMe has welcomed the information we have been able to provide for them on support needs and ways to help to improve access and communication for people with aphasia – bravo team Dyscover.

Communication Access Symbol

Posted 30th November 2020

We discussed the launch of the new Communication Access Symbol, an initiative that is led by the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists. Businesses can apply for free training to ensure staff understand the communication problems some their customers might have. They can then display the Communication Access Symbol.

Members talked about the access logos that we are all familiar with, displayed in shops and businesses to show that staff are trained to give the right kind of support to people with disabilities.


Members thought the new logo was a good idea, but they felt it was a big challenge for businesses.

Communication problems can vary hugely and not everyone needs the same type of help.

Last year, we ran a pilot group in Cranleigh, and trained café staff to support people with aphasia.

They provided a quiet space, simplified their menu and gave extra time for people to order. We will follow the Communication Access project with interest.


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