Communication Access Symbol

Posted 30th November 2020

We discussed the launch of the new Communication Access Symbol, an initiative that is led by the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists. Businesses can apply for free training to ensure staff understand the communication problems some their customers might have. They can then display the Communication Access Symbol.

Members talked about the access logos that we are all familiar with, displayed in shops and businesses to show that staff are trained to give the right kind of support to people with disabilities.


Members thought the new logo was a good idea, but they felt it was a big challenge for businesses.

Communication problems can vary hugely and not everyone needs the same type of help.

Last year, we ran a pilot group in Cranleigh, and trained café staff to support people with aphasia.

They provided a quiet space, simplified their menu and gave extra time for people to order. We will follow the Communication Access project with interest.


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