Volunteer Profile – Camilla

Posted 4th June 2020

Camilla is one of our newer volunteers having joined Dyscover earlier this year.
Camilla is a retired nurse and in later years of her career she specialised in public health and was involved in setting up stop smoking services.
Although Camilla is enjoying retirement, especially further developing her creative side, she wanted to continue using her skills and experience and a friend recommend volunteering for Dyscover.
Since joining us, Camilla says that she is really enjoying being back with a group of people and that she is learning lots too – in particular ‘when to speak, when to listen when to offer suggestions and other tools’. She is also interested in how music and art can be used as a means to help communication.
Since the lockdown, Camilla has been volunteering as part of the Dyscover at Home team and has found this really interesting and although ‘it takes more concentration because you cannot pick up on so many non-verbal clues, it is really interesting to see just how much people can get out of using Zoom and how connection still takes place.’
Camilla lives in the country with her border collie puppy and enjoys her lovely garden under the north downs. She has taken up oil painting, enjoys singing with a choir and always has a sewing project on the go!

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