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Donate through Facebook Page

Posted 29th May 2020

It is now even easier to donate to Dyscover as we now have a Facebook ‘donate button’! If you look at the top of our page you will now see that there is a Donate button. Supporters can simply click on this to make a donation and it is now also possible for people to set up a fundraiser for Dyscover on their own Facebook page, simply by choosing to ‘support a non-profit’ and then searching for Dyscover. This will then create a post that their supporters can then click on to make a donation directly to us.

Volunteer Week 2020 QAVS

Posted 29th May 2020

Volunteers Week

Posted 29th May 2020
A huge thank you to our wonderful volunteers!
Thank you to our brilliant team of dedicated volunteers ..whether helping in our groups, with activities, fundraising, marketing, admin, gardening or outreach and governance – we wouldn’t be here without you. During these unprecedented times, many of you have had to adapt to a new way of volunteering and now help us support our members remotely with our Dyscover at Home service. We are extremely grateful to each of you – thank you so much for all your hard work, adaptability and commitment to Dyscover.#VolunteersWeek

Dyscover at Home – Update

Posted 12th May 2020

As we enter week 3 of ‘Dyscover at Home’ we are successfully connecting with 51 People with Aphasia. We’ve had encouraging feedback from our Members, reporting it was easier than expected and ‘almost as good as real life’. Staff and Volunteers are learning fast, and are keen to improve and develop the new service. Huge thanks to Dr. Abi Roper of City University who ran a troubleshooting session for us last week

5 Ways to Wellbeing

Posted 12th May 2020

Dyscover are focussing on good wellbeing at this time and here is a link to a short video we have made
Isolation is a common problem for people with aphasia and the current lockdown can make this even harder. We have been sharing the 5 ways to wellbeing with members as a practical approach to managing mental health. Connecting with others is proving particularly helpful. ” It’s marvellous”
” Seeing friends.. its emotional .. but lovely “

Dyscover at Home launches

Posted 30th April 2020
As the Summer Term started this week we are thrilled to have launched our new service Dyscover at Home with all our groups. Our Staff and Volunteers have worked tirelessly since our groups closed to adapt our service to provide aphasia support to our Members by using technology including video conferencing , and also 1:1 telephone calls. Our Members have succeeded in mastering new and challenging technology and we really pleased that they are determined to keep learning and continue to receive support in this new way.

Working in new ways

Posted 22nd April 2020

Last week we packed up what we needed, left our closed offices, had a presidential pep talk (across the driveway) and set up work stations in home studies, on kitchen counters and sofa’s. Many staff are juggling work with home schooling children, but our Dyscover team are still here working very hard to continue to reach all of our Membership in different ways over the coming weeks.
Stay safe everyone.

Different Handover

Posted 22nd April 2020

When handover takes on a different format…..

Thursday Group Music Therapy

Posted 12th March 2020
Ten members from the Thursday group are currently halfway through a stimulating 4-session music therapy course with visiting music therapist Elizabeth. They have been practising beating time to music with a range of instruments, working on sounds such as ‘me’, ‘my’ and ‘sh’ in vocal exercises and using the lyrics to ‘Let it shine’. In each session the group have been practising playing and singing along to the John Lennon song ‘Imagine’ in preparation for a performance to the rest of their group at the end of the course. Member Claire said it’s tiring work as it really challenges the brain but great fun and she’s really enjoying the sessions. To end the session this week, members ‘jammed’ to the Elvis Presley songs ‘Jailhouse Rock’ and ‘Hound Dog’, favourites of Alan’s, a big Elvis enthusiast!

PPA Funds

Posted 6th March 2020

We enjoyed a visit from Mr and Mrs Robinson on Friday who presented us with an extremely generous cheque towards our Primary Progressive Aphasia Services – Thank you.
These new funds added to funds we have from the HSF will enable us to run another 6 week course for couples and an early stage workshop with some support sessions in between – Fabulous!

Fundraising events 2019

Get involved, have fun and help us to raise vital funds.

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