Aphasia Ambassadors Information Sharing

Posted 23rd February 2017

Signposting people to the services they need is a vital part of discharge planning. Rosemary met with the East Surrey Hospital ‘Support at Home’ team who ensure patients settle back home successfully. We discussed how and when to refer to Dyscover, and how to support people with communication difficulties. We’d be happy to offer a training session for this and other teams working in adult social care.


2017 PPA Course

Posted 21st February 2017

5 couples living with Primary Progressive Aphasia are benefitting from our current 6 week course. Last week we analysed the conversations we’d videoed in session one, picking out what helps and what hinders conversation.

Dr Hannah Thompson

Posted 8th February 2017
Dr Hannah Thompson is a researcher from Guildford University who presented her work to the Thursday Conversation and Support group recently. She is interested in finding PWA willing to work alongside her and her students to develop new thinking behind how the post-stroke brain develops new pathways to relearn lost communication skills.
At least 2 Members have already signed-up to work with Hannah in developing her work further.

PPA Workshop

Posted 1st February 2017
We recognise that people with Primary Progressive Aphasia need different types of support and information at different stages of their condition.
Our specialist speech and language therapists, Rosemary and Alena, led an exploratory workshop for people with mild PPA.
The 8 participants agreed that it was a relief to know they are not alone, and that support is available. We plan to meet again.

Skype and Facetime

Posted 31st January 2017
Using the phone is often challenging, and sometimes impossible for people with aphasia.
FaceTime or Skype can make long distance communication possible. Suzanne our Programme Coordinator was able to check some details of a forthcoming Dyscover event with member Chris on Friday, who is on holiday in Barbados.

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