Team Challenge

Posted 6th April 2017
Member Gary suggested and designed the end of term team challenge. The task was to be the quickest team to sail your boat from one end of the gully to the other using blowing power via straws.  The teams had to design the optimum sail and strategies for blowing (complete with raucous laughter) to enhance the chances of a win.

PPA Information Sharing

Posted 23rd March 2017
Sharing good practice and learning from others in the aphasia world is central to our ethos at Dyscover. Rosemary was delighted to talk about our innovative PPA service at the spring meeting of UCL’s Aphasia Research Group.

Veronika back from Cambodia

Posted 16th March 2017On Tuesday , the Kingston afternoon group were delighted to welcome back Veronika, who had previously worked with the group as an assistant.
Since moving on from Dyscover , Veronika has completed her Masters degree in Speech and Language Therapy and gone with a group of newly qualified Speech and Language Therapists to Cambodia to help with a project training local professionals.
On Tuesday , Veronika shared a fascinating presentation about her time in Cambodia. The members heard about it’s turbulent and troubled history and about what life is like for people in the country in 2017.

We learnt about its amazing historical sites and temples and saw photos of the food and everyday life in the towns and villages. The members were able to ask questions with the aid of maps, and see Cambodian money, fabrics, newspapers and pepper, which is one of their main exports.
We also heard about the project and teaching work that Veronika and the other therapists embarked on. The happy news is that this autumn the University is offering its first short course in Speech and language Therapy, helped by their link with City University where future students will be able to share their expertise.


Posted 16th March 2017A friend made at last weeks ‘Living with aphasia conference’ paid us a welcome visit last week. Linda Mainsbarnett, a Speech Pathologist from New Zealand managed to squeeze in a trip to visit Dyscover keen see how our on-going support programmes work – something NZ have little of.

Dyscover attends Aphasia United ‘Living with Aphasia’ Conference

Posted 16th March 2017
A party of 23 members and staff of Dyscover attended the two day conference in Warwick and participated in various presentations. The following gives a quick visual summary of the two days.

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