Music Therapy

Posted 29th November 2016
It was a noisy morning at Dyscover today! Neurological Music Therapist Elisabeth Nightingale, from Chiltern Music Therapy, engaged members in singing, humming, drumming and jamming. For most people, singing is controlled by the right side of the brain, whereas talking is controlled by the left side of the brain. This means that some people with aphasia find it easier to sing than to talk. Members had the opportunity to express themselves through music rather than language.

Healthwatch Surrey

Posted 24th November 2016
‘Moving on’ members enjoyed being invited to contribute towards Healthwatch Surrey’s study: ‘The patient journey when making a GP appointment’. Listening to accounts and experiences of those with Aphasia and encouraging suggestions for improvements were all part of todays exercise. Pictured is Suzie and Tony being filmed (as way of capturing evidence for feedback purposes) explaining how best their needs can be supported when making GP appointments. We look forward to hearing the results of this study in the Spring when we welcome Healthwatch back to feedback.

Our Members have a very competitive attitude

Posted 22nd November 2016
“Our members have a very competitive attitude -  I fear this could result in ‘pistols at dawn’ -  and we are only just half way through the competition! It amazes me the way each shooter has adapted, in their own way, to shoot a heavy air rifle so accurately.  They have completely blown away the way I teach my students to whom I often say ‘you’ll never shoot well holding a rifle like that’!! – Well done.”
Words from our Trustee, Michael Bensley, who is also a firearms instructor and is currently voluntarily supporting our members at their weekly shooting sessions.

Aphasia-friendly iPad Guide

Posted 17th November 2016

We want to spread the word that our fantastic aphasia friendly i-Pad guide is now available to download for free (donations are welcome) here on our website.

To download click here

Once an Engineer…

Posted 14th November 2016

Once an engineer always an engineer… members Mark and David use their pre-stroke technical knowhow to solve a construction problem. Aphasia is a specific language problem and non verbal skills are usually intact. Teamwork challenges like this one draw on communication skills and highlight individuals’ strengths too.

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