Congratulations Richard

Posted 20th July 2017

The Wednesday group offered jubilant whoops of joy for Richard as he walked in this morning as a rumour regarding positive driving news had circulated amongst the group (always a brilliant achievement when everyone has aphasia)…… He confirmed the rumours were true and after a period with QEF Mobility services he is able to return to driving. Well done Richard, we look forward to seeing you drive to Dyscover shortly.

Putting People in the Lead

Posted 20th July 2017

The life participation approach that we follow at Dyscover puts people with aphasia in the driving seat. Gary came up with an idea for a practical team challenge so we asked him to bring the task to the Tuesday group and take the role of instructor and judge. Seen here is Gary supervising while David and Elaine work out how to solve the problem.

Friday Group News

Posted on 20th July 2017
Fridays conversation (with props!) was on Great Sporting Moments – Martin (pictured) was definitely in the spirit of things!

Enabling members to share information

Posted 13th July 2017

Richard supported his mum Mary Claire to tell her story to the group last week. Mary Claire chose photos and Richard put together a power point presentation which they co presented to Mary’s fellow Thursday group members.
The group were fascinated to learn that Mary Claire grew up in Grenada with 17 siblings. She learned dressmaking skills and eventually set up and ran a business making everything from uniforms to wedding dresses.

Helping Healthwatch improve people’s GP Journey

Posted 7th July 2017

The report is out and our members not only made valid contributions towards this report which form part of the advice Healthwatch, Surrey give to GP surgeries on improving accessibility but they also star in the film!

The film can be seen here

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